Mobile-Salon-Hairdressing-Tanya-AnaRuivoPhotography-38.jpgHairdressing Services

1 haircut is £40. 2 haircuts in the same visit is £70, 3 is £95.

Payment in full is kindly required prior to all bookings
- Re-schedule must be made at least 72 hours prior to the booking.

- Payment is not refundable.
- No last-minute bookings please.

There is currently a variable £5-10 surcharge due to Covid19 travel/parking charges, depending on area and destination.

Girls haircut

+ hairstyle
+ nails done
+ hairpins / delicious treats

Boys haircut

+ hairstyle
+ delicious treats

First haircut

Your child's first haircut should be a special occasion. On having their first hair cut, your child will receive a certificate along with a luxury box containing a lock of their hair as a memory (see below).

To keep the children occupied, I bring a tablet, lollipops, Kinder Surprise, Peppa Pig raisins, girls hair bows, rings, fairy dust/glitter, small toys, stickers, temporary tattoos and more...

Mum's and Dad's haircut

As well as kids, I provide a service for parents where they can get their hair cut and styled along with their children.
Colouring/highlighting service available too.

A discount is applicable with rebooking in advance.

Pampering Beauty party available: nails , hairstyle, make up!

Prices start from £15 per child

Baby first haircut photos service also available.